Kitatec has worked in Japan-India Business Opportunities in the last 8 Years. We can provide to be a Bridge for mutual Business Growth.

  • Japan India Business is poised for enormous Growth in the near future.
  • Even-though there is so much of commonality in the two Cultures and Value-Systems, the Business-Potential between them has yet to see the True-Potential.
  • Japan – India are discovering a “Harmonious” Business-Partner Positioning.
  • Japan is an Established High-Technology-Hardware-focused Economy.
  • India has risen to find itself a Position of Knowledge-Economy. Availability of large number of high-skilled Resources has resulted in housing “Research & Development” centers of most of the Leading MNCs of the World in India.
  • The Fusion of High-Tech Hardware Manufacturing Industry of Japan and Soft-Skills of Innovative Indian Entrepreneurs will evolve High-Growth Global Businesses.

India- Japan relations have undergone a significant and qualitative shift in recent years, propelled by the successful regular summit level exchanges.

Former Prime Ministers Koizumi and Abe visited India in April 2005 and August 2007 respectively. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh visited Japan in December 2006, October 2008 and again in October 2010. This process was continued by Dr. Hatoyama, who visited India for the annual summit on 27-29 December 2009, about three months after taking over as Japan’s Prime Minister.

The establishment of the strategic and global partnership between India and Japan in December 2006 has elevated relations to a new level. During the visit of PM Abe to India in August 2007, a roadmap for new dimensions to the strategic and global partnership was unveiled. A joint statement on the advancement of the strategic and global partnership and a joint declaration on security cooperation were issued during PM’s visit to Japan from 22-23 October 2008.

During Prime Minister Hatoyama’s visit, the two sides released a joint statement on the new stage of India-Japan Strategic and Global Partnership and an action plan to advance India-Japan Security Cooperation. These political documents provide the basis for all-round development of India-Japan partnership.