Company Formation

  • Registration of new company
  • Transform/liquidate/shift headquarters

Representative Director

  • Undertake Representative Director responsibility
  • Act as / support the company’s Representative Director

Registered/Legal Office

  • Provide a registered address for the office
  • Maintain all records for 7 years (as per legal requirements)

Legal Affairs / Compliance Issues:


Corporate Tax:

  • Corporate tax filing
  • Consumption tax filing
  • Withholding tax filing
  • Compliance issues related to all of the above
  • Report to HQ with Compliance Matrix on a quarterly basis

Company Operations Support:

  • Monthly accounting (Bank management, invoicing, etc.)
  • HR Services (including payroll)
  • Administrative Services (including accommodation)

Japanese Social Insurance:

  • Registration and de-registration
  • Special subsidy schemes
  • Lump-sum withdrawal

Labour Insurance Related Services:

  • Haken License
  • Haken license bi-annual reporting

Administrative Services:

  • Help desk for new-comers to Japan
  • Accommodation search support
  • Accommodation contract execution support

Immigration Related Services:

  • Certificate of Eligibility (COE)
  • COS
  • Visa processing (new visa and renewals)

Monthly Operations Support Services.

(Key-Point: These are Fixed Price Services)

  • Pay-Roll Work-Out.
  • Bank Transfer To Employees, Salary Slips to Employees.
  • Customer Invoicing.
  • Company` Bank Account Management.
  • Customer Payments – Invoice-wise Monitoring.
  • Bank Account Reconciliations.
  • Surplus Funds transfer to HQ on Monthly Basis.
  • Bank-Book English Excel Format report to HQ on Weekly Basis.
  • Monthly Accounting – English Financial Reports to HQ.
  • Accounts Book-Keeping.